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I downloaded a new app today called We’re Related by Ancestry.com.   It works off your family tree to show you potential famous and nearby relatives.  When I chose the tree I wanted to use, it prompted me to pick who I was in the tree.  After doing that, it took a minute to find relatives and then spat out a list of 5 famous people I may be related to.

So who am I related to?  It’s kind of neat… So here’s the “famous” people I may be related to.

I also tried the nearby users feature but it just kept looking. I’m assuming there’s not enough users who have downloaded the app to find anyone “nearby”.

I have yet to go and verify what this app is saying but remember… this app is just for fun.   I’d be interested to know where they are getting the family trees for these famous people.

All images are from the We’re Related App.

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  1. I love this app. I had over 300 matches and it was always finding new ones every other day. I was disappointed when I had to get a new phone and it has to start over finding my relatives. However, this time it shows my wife as my 8th cousin. I verified it and it does appear to be accurate. Both through our mothers side. Not worried about the 8th cousin connection (in other words, we’re not moving to a trailer park) but our DNA that we both took does not match each other. I suppose 8 to 10 generations and the dna is lost???

    1. Yeah – I wouldn’t worry about 8th cousins. DNA isn’t necessarily lost… it all depends on what DNA get passed on.

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