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First let me give you a little update.

My mom has gotten a new 2nd/3rd cousin with ties to the Blackwell/Johnston side of the family tree. His great great grandparents were Emma Johnston and William Blackwell and his great grandmother, Ardenia Blackwell was my mom’s direct ancestor’s (Henry Blackwell) sister.

Here is a preview of my mom’s family tree – just one little segment but I think it’s pretty great. All lines have shared ancestor hints with the exception of the Varner line but I think I have found a link to some Varners – just waiting on the DNA match to provide a family tree to compare : )tree

Ok – so on to the purpose of this post. Henry Blackwell and Alice Crotts had 6 children, 4 of which I have found records for.  Their sons Henry Blackwell, Jr and Fred Blackwell both married women with the surname, Roach.

My next step is to fill in the Roach family line to see if I have any DNA cousins with connections to the Roach line.  But what do you do when every family tree out there has a mixture of different James Roach’s and Ancestry keeps throwing the wrong records your way?

Here are the two James Roach’s that are getting so mixed up in the Ancestry public tree community.  There is James Bedford Roach, son of Thomas Jefferson Roach and Francis Dean on the left.  Then there is James Jefferson Roach, son of Joseph Roach and Martha McHan.   The two people are strikingly similar. Born around the same time and died around the same time.  But – you can see that one stayed in Mississippi in one area and the other born in Tippah and then moved to Texas, where he died.

James Bedford married Rubie – James Bedford Roach is not the father of Ina Roach or Nancy Roach. James B Roach

James Jefferson Roach married Genia McMullen – on the 1910 census record, Genia’s name is listed as Virginia but her gravestone says Genia. They are the first family listed on this sheet – you should be able to click on it to enlarge the image. Their two daughters, Ina and Nancy are also listed on this census record.  Ina married Fred Blackwell and Nancy married Henry Jr.

James J Roach


The reason I’m posting this is because I had a mess of a tree thinking these were the same people.  After looking over some other public trees – I saw that it wasn’t just me.  I had to sit down and straighten it all out and wrap my head around which one was which.  I hope this will help someone out there doing research on the Roach/Blackwell line.. And if you are and Roach/Blackwell descendant please contact me!

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