Prime Day – Deals on DNA Test Kits

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It’s been a long time – I’ve been so busy with these two kiddos that I haven’t been able to do much research lately.  But, I thought I would share some deal info with y’all today…

So Amazon’s prime day is here! This is only for Prime Members so go ahead and sign up. Your first 30 days are free!

Right now you can get an Ancestry DNA Test Kit for $69.00. At this very moment (10:13 AM ET) 6% have been claimed and there is a little over 4 hours left on this deal. I wouldn’t wait too long.

Apply for an Amazon Credit Card and you can get 20% back on select items and 5% back on every amazon purchase. I received a $40 Amazon gift card when I applied and was approved (it took all of 2 minutes). I’ve seen some people get $10 and some up to $40 so I’m not sure how they figure who gets what.

I’ll be back to writing about DNA and Family Research soon enough.  My summer is filled with baby bottles and Lego’s at the moment. 🙂

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