What does the asterisk mean on GEDmatch

*Asterisk in front of names on GEDmatch “What does it mean when a user has an asterisk in front of their name on gedmatch?” I’ve seen this question at least 20 times on different sites, so I figured I’d chime […]

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Been a bit absent lately – good news!

Why I’ve Been Absent Lately Sorry y’all! I’ve been quite absent from this site for a while now and I’d figure I’d check in and share some of my good news. In June I found out I was pregnant… Yay! […]

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Confusing Shared Ancestor Hints

Shared Ancestor Hints

Shared Ancestor Hints Recently, I linked my mom’s DNA profile to someone in a mirror tree and I got more shared ancestor hints than what I was expecting.  I had already confirmed this person’s maternal family is related to my […]

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A Quicker Video Tutorial – Mirror Trees

After publishing the video, Mirror Tree Walk Through, I got some feedback.  Lots of people found it helpful which is awesome! I’m so happy this helps.  I also got some constructive criticism that it was a bit long. And for […]

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Don’t Ignore the Boarders

A related boarder?

Using Census Records If you are building out a family tree, you are going to be confirming those trees with historical records and one record that you are very likely to reference is a census record.  It’s a wealth of […]

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